The Native Harvest Initiative provides the following services to Indigenous communities and growers interested in boosting their crops, or learning to cultivate native plants.


Technical Services

Our technical services provide growers with all the information they need to harvest a successful crop.

These services include:

  • Soil sampling
  • Water/crop sampling
  • Submission of samples for analytical testing
  • Interpretation of lab results


Our agronomists take into account soil science, crop development, and practical aspects of your farm to provide advice tailored to your individual requirements.

The following services are also available:

  • Land suitability & capability evaluation for specific crops
  • Crop nutrition plan
  • Disease & insect inspections
  • Pre-harvest inspection


Through The Australian Superfood Co we can provide commercial advice and forecasts about market size, demand trends and trend drivers to help farmers plan crop size with confidence.

The Role of our consultants

Our team, made up of agronomists and propagators, use a science-based approach, including traditional practices, to support growers keen to establish or expand their footprint in the production of native crops. These services include:

initial site
crop suitability

support for THE
of crops

monitoring crop
growth & providing
Agronomic advice

soil, water,
leaf & sap

assistance in
annual planning
& seasonal review

providing ideas
for growth

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