The Native Harvest Initiative provides growers with the security of a guaranteed customer for their produce, expert farming advice and ongoing agricultural support.

Welcome to the Native Harvest Initiative.

We exist to provide a range of specialty services and support to growers and farmers looking to diversify or repurpose their crops, and to focus on native Australian fruits, herbs, seeds and nuts. Working together, we provide growers with the security of a guaranteed customer for their produce, through The Australian Superfood Co.

The Native Harvest Initiative has been established by the team behind The Australian Superfood Co, alongside a team of agronomists and propagators. The Australian Superfood Co has been working with Indigenous communities since its launch in 2015, to provide restaurants, food and beverage manufacturers, pharmaceutical and neutraceutical manufacturers with high quality native Australian ingredients.

As demand for these ingredients increases, both in Australia and overseas, supply can’t keep up. That’s why we’re offering assistance to farmers and growers across the country to repurpose, diversify and increase their crops of native fruits, seeds and herbs.

We provide support to:


Indigenous communities who may be wild harvesting, or would like to get started growing native crops in their communities.

Native produce farmers

Farmers who have been growing native produce, but are interested in boosting their existing crops or cultivating other native ingredients.

produce farmers

Farmers who may be successful in growing conventional produce, but are interested in diversifying their crops to harvest native ingredients instead.

Why work with us?

Guaranteed customer

Guaranteed customer

Guaranteed sales

Guaranteed sales

Expert agronomic advice

Expert agronomic advice

Ongoing support

Ongoing support

A word from our growers:

“The Australian Superfood Co has given me the confidence to scale the production of my native produce farm. Their industry experience and influence in the market has guided my farming practice on what and how much to plant. I hope to educate fellow farmers and to continue to grow the native food industry by partnering with The Australian Superfood Co.”

– Dominic Smith

“I was really hesitant at first, and wasn’t sure if I wanted to get into commercial farming, My background is in the trucking industry, so it was a huge career change for me. But after talking to some suppliers, and then meeting Hayley from The Australian Superfood Co, I was really keen to get on board. I realised that the native food market was really starting to open up, and that now there was finally demand.”

– Daniel Newchurch

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